July 28, 2016

Safety in the Workplace

Employee safety is a top priority for any business. Safety guidelines should be ingrained in your organization 24/7, 365 days a year. But, how do you keep employees engaged in workplace safety every single day? By recognizing those who go above and beyond to create a safe environment and incentivizing everyone to participate.

Businesses in manufacturing, hospitality, and even corporate settings, have guidelines designed to keep employees safe. There are several opportunities to recognize an employee for following the set of guidelines. Is there someone on your staff that takes the initiative to check manufacturing equipment each morning before starting it up each day? Is there an employee you can count on to wipe up spills or pick up debris from the workroom without needing to be asked? These are excellent opportunities to recognize your employees for being safe.

Your employees are integral to your safety initiatives. One way to engage with your safety guidelines is to create an incentive program. Safety recognition programs give you the power to tailor your rewards to your employees’ preferences. On-the-spot recognition could be utilized for employees wearing the proper safety clothing, using the right equipment or going out of their way to make sure another employee is safe while performing a job task. Or, you could use performance goals as a way to recognize an employee for overall safety standards. Providing a mix of how you reward your team ensures everyone stays engaged and motivated.

Types of Safety Awards

Levy Recognition understands the importance of workplace safety. We have a trained team of professionals who manufactures our custom awards in-house. Not only do we practice safety here in our own facility, we also build the safety awards recognizing others for doing the same in their own workplaces.

Each of your employees has a different task. They all have a lot of things in motion and work hard each and every day. Employees are human, and at times, accidents happen. However, team members who change their behavior and display a higher understanding of workplace safety means your employees are really making the ongoing effort to be safe. We all know we like to be acknowledged for overall efforts and job performance. Thank these employees for all they do with a safety award. When recognizing an employee with a custom award, it’s important to be genuine in your presentation. An award is more than a trophy given to employees who follow the safety guidelines. A safety award allows you the opportunity to say something meaningful about the employee and gives you the chance to recognize them as an important part of the workplace.

Levy Recognition specializes in custom awards to suit the safety recognition needs of your business. If you have an idea for a gift, we can help you design it. Awards can be classic trophy designs or unique shapes such as traffic cones or hard hats. We will help you create a custom design that reflects the theme of your recognition program while also incorporating your organization’s branding. The sky is the limit when designing custom safety awards for your business.

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Written by Anita Hawkins

Anita is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Levy Recognition. She loves helping people discover the custom awards process and teaching them about the methods and materials used to create custom awards and trophies. She has spent the majority of her career in the Marketing Industry, gaining experiences in areas such as Inbound Marketing, Journalism, and Web Design. While Digital Marketing is her primary job function by day, Anita also enjoys watching sports, competing in trivia events, and spending time with family and friends.
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