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October 4, 2018

Ask Levy: Is Cash King?

Dear Levy,
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October 2, 2018

Ask Levy: Budget Friendly Recognition

Dear Levy, As a small business owner, I’m on a tight budget. Many of my employees are top performers and deserve recognition. I know a lot of bigger businesses give cash rewards and bonuses. However, I’ve been researching the effectiveness of non-monetary rewards. Do you think these types of rewards are effective? What are some ideas for [...]
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September 27, 2018

Ask Levy: Motivating Sales

Dear Levy, Our sales team is struggling to stay focused. They are doing a good job, but losing stamina and seem to be in a rut. What can sales teams do to stay motivated in tough selling environments? --Keeping Sales Teams Motivated  
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September 18, 2018

Ask Levy: Recognition by Gender

Dear Levy, Gender equality is a hot button issue in workplaces across the country. Should we be concerned about our recognition program? Do male and female employees need different types of recognition? --Recognition by Gender
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September 10, 2018

Ask Levy: Measuring Impact

Dear Levy, We recently implemented an Employee Recognition Program in our workplace. How should I measure the impact of the program? Are their any tools or key metrics you would recommend that I use? --Measuring the Impact of Recognition  
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September 4, 2018

Ask Levy: No Appreciation

Dear Levy, I’m weighing out the pros and cons of an employee recognition program. Are there pros to not having a recognition program? What happens when an employee is never appreciated in his work environment? --Weighing the Pros of No Appreciation  
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August 28, 2018

Ask Levy: Meaningful Initiatives

Dear Levy, I want to create an engaged workforce that finds meaning in the work they are doing. What is the single most meaningful initiative that can be taken in order to improve employee engagement? --Seeking Meaning  
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August 24, 2018

Ask Levy: I Want to Make the Office Fun

Dear Levy, I’ve been reading a lot about keeping employees engaged and happy. I want to start having more fun in the workplace. How do I create a fun office environment without losing productivity? --Just Wanna Have Fun  
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August 17, 2018

Ask Levy: My Employee Doesn't Have Drive

Dear Levy, How would you deal with an employee who's doing just enough, if said employee doesn't seem to have the drive/interest to want to do more? --Motivation Needed  
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